Sunday, November 13, 2016

WOW = expeditionary force

This is great news
The following sets are thus available for shipping out next week:-


54 ZBR 05             Natal Volunteers (similarly dressed as Boer Volunteers in burgher or big game hunter dress with bandoliers) – 8 x mixed foot and mounted models


54 ZUL 03             Natal Native Contingent (includes Natal Native Horse) – 8 x mixed foot and mounted models


54 ZUL 04             Zulu with Rifles (include Zulu Officers) – 9 x foot models


These are not major troop types and thus we did not plan for too extensive a coverage of the sets, thus mixing foot and horse in a single set.

Just enough for completeness of presence for the period. It’s a “good to have but not too much” kind of thing.


The remaining sets for the Zulu War/Colonial Wars are the following:-


54 ZBR 06 - P       British Lancers (plain sun helmets)

54 ZBR 06 - P       British Lancers (helmets with pugri)


54 ZBR 07 - S       Naval Brigade – Sailors with rifles

54 ZBR 07 - G      Naval Landing Party - Gatling-Gun


54 ZBR 08 - C       Mounted Auxiliary Carbineers

54 ZBR 08 - F       Mounted Auxiliary (Frontier Light Horse)


54 ZBR 09 - R       Royal Marines (Blue + Sennett Straw Hats)

54 ZBR 09 – I       British Infantry (Red) – this is a supplement set for the ZBR 01 Infantry sets with kneeling and advancing poses. There were feedback that the infantry set has too few action poses – which was caused by the limitation on the tooling size, all those extra arms and heads ate up a lot of mould space.


54 ZBR 10 – M    Imperial Mounted Infantry (Red + Plain Sun Helmets)

54 ZBR 10 - P       Natal Mounted Police (Blue + Spiked Helmets)


All the above are actually already sculpted and finalised but held back to avoid overloading the tooling and production line and ease market absorption. (Mistakes are easily missed out if the line is overloaded).

The above later sets will be matched with native adversaries for the First Boer War, Afghan War/Northwest Frontier and the Mahdist Uprising. We will resume the above Colonial Wars sets in early 2017 when the British Highlanders and British Raj Indian troops will be added then.


Hope the above have something of interest to you.




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